Function Reference of the Mastrave Modelling Library

The Mastrave modelling library is written in order to be as compatible as possible with both GNU Octave and MATLAB computing environments. The Mastrave project attempts to allow a more effective, quick interoperability between them by using a reasonably well documented wrap around their main incompatibilities and by promoting a reasonably general idiom based on their common, stable syntagms.

How to cite a Mastrave module

Beyond technical interest, Mastrave is offered in freedom to promote scientific cooperation, following the ideas of the free software movement.   If this free software has been relevant in your research, please acknowledge Mastrave and its authors and the free software movement, by linking to the project page and to  You should cite in the references of your publications both:

  • the specific publication which describes the particular tools of Mastrave and/or methodological application of semantic array programming that you used, (e.g.
    de Rigo, D. (2012) Semantic Array Programming for Environmental Modelling: Application of the Mastrave Library. International Environmental Modelling and Software Society (iEMSs) 2012 International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software - Managing Resources of a Limited Planet, Sixth Biennial Meeting, Leipzig, Germany
    ) and
  • de Rigo, D. (2012). Semantic Array Programming with Mastrave - Introduction to Semantic Computational Modelling.
Such citations will help others find both specific tools of Mastrave (and how they can be used) and authoritative information on semantic array programming.  Best peer-reviewed case studies will periodically be commented and categorized for helping other scientists retrieve your work and easing advanced applications' learning curve.

Function reference

Each function of Mastrave is also a module providing semantic constraints and corresponding argument checks for ensuring inputs and outpus of the module to be semantically coherent with the data-transformation concepts implemented by the module.  The following pages refer to each function of Mastrave whose development status is greater or equal to alpha code.  Despite directly connected to the source code repository and automatically updated to be inline with the most recent published version, the documentation of each function refers to a permanent URL so that it can be safely cited within scientific publications.

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This document is also part of the book:
de Rigo, D. (2012). Semantic Array Programming with Mastrave - Introduction to Semantic Computational Modelling.

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